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Senior & Adult Advocate Services

P.O. Box 2743

Escondido, CA, 92033

(760) 215-0143

Senior & Adult Advocate Services are designed to provide seniors and other adults compassionate, personal, and
administrative assistance.


“Excellence in client satisfaction and accountability”.  Providing excellent care doesn’t mean completing the task at hand.  Excellent care and performance consists of a compassionate heart and an experienced Administrative Advocate serving the client and being accountable for that service to God and the client. Senior & Adult Advocate Services mandates a strict standard of work ethics accountable to HIM (God, The Father, The Lord, Jesus, The Savior).  Our desire is to serve God and others with Love as He commands us to.  We operate under His standard of total honesty, care, and compassion as an experienced service provider, comparable to none.  Jesus Christ is the motivation and foundation for which we stand.


Being accountable to the client is achieved through written, explicit documentation of activities performed while providing contracted services:  The Activity Log. The log details conversations, concerns, telephone calls, phone numbers, vendor contacts, medical and financial administrative function details, excursions, arrival and departure times, shopping, family and professional contact information, housekeeping duties, and much more.  The log is submitted weekly via e-mail, hand delivered hard copy, or postal service to authorized parties.  Nowhere will you find a more meticulous, comprehensive account of the personal time spent with your loved one.  Reassurance and relief you can count on.  Ask us for a client reference.  You’ll receive confirmation and peace of mind.  In addition, Senior & Adult Advocate Services is Bonded and a Criminal Background Check is mandatory for the Advocate.


In 2004 Senior & Adult Advocate Services located in North San Diego County, California was established by founder Julie Prado.  At that time it was clear to Julie that God wanted her to use the gifts he blessed her with to help other people in a directly personal manner.  After 20 years of Administrative Management and Operations Support in the medical field and with contracting/consulting executives, Julie realized a critical need for seniors (and other adults) requiring much more assistance than simply a caregiver in the home:  A personal, professional, experienced, Administrative Advocate to assist with and/or coordinate and manage health care issues (including deciphering physician’s handwriting!), medical bills and insurance, regular monthly bills, other financial issues including wills and trusts, end of life decisions, guardianship or conservators, and of course housekeeping & personal care.  In addition to the client securing administrative expertise, the Advocate IS the caregiver!  A compassionate, mature, educated, articulate, experienced caregiver to assist you managing your day to day activities.  For those seniors with little or no family, living alone or in assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities, an Advocate can truly be a blessing from God.

Administrative Services

Medical Insurance & Life Insurance

Medicare, Medi-Cal, CMS, Worker’s Compensation, HMO’s PPO’s, EPO’s, Long Term Health Care – Confused?  No Wonder!  Understanding health care today can be overwhelming.  Deductibles, co-pays, allowed/contracted fees, referrals, authorizations, procedures, prescriptions, primary/specialty physicians, inpatient/outpatient care, physical/occupational therapy, rehab, skilled nursing/assisted living care – all potential elements of your insurance coverage.  Senior & Adult Advocate Services will help you decipher your benefits so you can make informed decisions concerning your health care & get the most for your money from your insurance company.  Do you need life insurance?  We’ll refer you to a Christian Broker and assist you in completing applications and follow up on the policy.

Physicians, Medical Bills, & Denied Claims

Nothing is more frustrating than when your insurance company denies payment of a medical claim for services that you thought were covered.  For claims denied unjustly, Senior & Adult Advocate Services will submit a comprehensive written appeal along with supporting evidence and documentation to your insurance company for claim review, reprocessing, and reimbursement.  We will examine your medical bills for itemized charges, duplicate charges, proper billing codes (CPT & ICD-9), contract write offs and billing rates, and coordinate corrections with billing office. With an extensive background in the medical field Senior & Adult Advocate Services can also recommend a good doctor from personal experience and encourage you to ask questions of your physicians pertaining to your care that may not have occurred to you.  We can collectively help you manage your health care with your physicians coordinating insurance authorizations, appointments, procedures, billing, and reimbursement.

Living Expenses & Financial Issues

Are you tracking your monthly expenses?  Are your bills paid in a timely manner?  Senior & Adult Advocate Services will create a monthly spreadsheet tracking your living expenses based on your checkbook entries and cash purchases and/or your bank statement.  You’ll be able to see more clearly where your money is going each month.  We’ll monitor your bills and assist you in writing checks to pay them on time or help you set up electronic or online payment options.  Do you have pending investment applications and/or funds that you want to transfer or consolidate? Senior & Adult Advocate Services will work with your broker to transfer name registrations and/or consolidate funds when recommended or requested.  We can also recommend a reputable investment broker from personal experience.

Personal Services


This great big world can be very lonely.  Don’t stay alone.  If you need some company, let’s get together!  Making new friends and spending time with them is a gift from God to bring joy and encouragement to you.  Swapping life stories over coffee, tea, lunch or dinner will lift your spirits and fill your heart with peace knowing someone cares.  We all know life isn’t easy.  We’ve all experienced disappointment, heartbreak, loss and pain.  Sharing our experiences with one another and encouraging one another are mutual blessings which strengthen and inspire hope in us.  It is, indeed, a blessing to be a blessing to others.  Let Senior & Adult Advocate Services bless you!

Light Housekeeping, & Meal Preparation

Housekeeping duties including washing dishes, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, changing linens, cleaning bathrooms, washing windows, putting the trash out, and any other requests within reason are provided.  Breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner can be prepared as requested with food supplies available in the home or purchased from the grocery store.

Appointments & Errands

We will schedule, monitor, and remind you of your physician, dental, and other personal appointments  We will run errands including: grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions and dry cleaning, making bank deposits, going to the post office, and any other requests that are within our realm of providing.


We will provide round trip transportation to your medical, dental, and personal appointments. We will run errands for you but if you prefer to run your own errands we can provide transportation and companionship.  We will provide transportation to social engagements and can also arrange for wheelchair transportation.  Senior & Adult Advocate Services can be your vehicle to the outside world!

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