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Asheville Hospice Care

About Asheville Hospice Care

Hospice care is a critical service for seniors who are near the end of a terminal illness or disease.  End of life care differs from traditional medical care in that instead of working to prolong life, the focus shifts to alleviating pain and discomfort.  Hospice workers are very compassionate, and their goal is to ensure that your loved one is at peace and comfortable.  Whether you decide on in home care or a hospice facility, you will find that workers will do everything needed to allow your loved one to die with dignity.

Choosing a hospice care provider means considering your loved one’s wishes, as well as reviewing your insurance coverage and finances.   There are many different options available, and it is worth your time to find the one that works best for you.  Hospice service is a wonderful type of care to provide for a loved one, and you will find that they can meet the spiritual and emotional needs of the dying and their loved ones as well as their physical needs.

The Eldercare Channel of Western North Carolina understands that the need for hospice is often accompanied by great emotional turmoil.  Our video host Cathie St. John-Ritzen of the elder law firm St. John-Ritzen & Applefield Law, PLLC offers advice and information to help make this decision and this time easier for everyone involved.  To the right, you will find a comprehensive directory of hospice care providers and facilities located in our area.

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