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VA Benefits in Indianapolis and How to get Them

Many services are offered to those who are eligible for VA benefits in Indianapolis. The increased job opportunities available after service, a greater understanding of responsibility and, many times, supervisory or managerial experience. The military offers a great retirement benefit package to those who retired from the armed forces with twenty years service time or more also (although retirement and benefits can come at different times and for different reasons). But, even people who did not retire from military service may be eligible for some medical benefits.

The United States military branches have relaxed their standards for issuing medical care and are able to assist many veterans, regardless of time served, with this benefit. If Mom or Dad was in the military at any point in their lives they may be eligible for VA benefits. The problem is that it is often difficult to determine whether a parent will be able to receive benefits or not. By understanding what forms will be needed, what office or offices to contact to make inquiries and then filling out the paperwork properly, you may be able to help your parents pay for part of their care with VA benefits.

Discharge Forms

When someone is discharged from active duty or from a reserve capacity, they are given a discharge form. For active duty personnel it is called a DD Form 214 or simply a DD 214. This document is required for access to military benefits. The document has information such as the date of discharge from active duty and the type of discharge the individual received. It is possible for family members to receive copies of this document by applying to a local veterans affairs office (in Indianapolis use either the VA Indianapolis or Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs websites). With this document, a child or spouse can find out if the former military member is eligible for VA benefits and how much those benefits will help.

VA Websites

The Veterans Administration maintains clinics around the country for active duty military and those who have previously served. Because of its high population, Indianapolis has a large hospital dedicated to veterans and their families (Indianapolis VA Hospital). This site likely offers all of the medical care that any senior could require, but if specialized care not offered in Indianapolis is needed, the veteran can go to a dedicated facility in another city.

VA Paperwork

The Veterans Administration, affiliated clinics and hospitals try to make it as easy as possible for the veteran and their family to find the care they need. The VA has people, akin to a geriatric care manager, who are expert in navigating the VA hospital and finding the care needed. The local office of the ombudsman or other offices tasked with helping the veterans find care can be contacted through the VA website. Any paperwork that needs to be filled out starts with the DD 214 and can be found online.

The Veterans Administration is a large service dedicated to the welfare of military personnel. Navigating the system can be difficult, but by first finding the essential paperwork helps it becomes easier. The VA is eager to help all of those members that qualify for services.


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