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Livingston County, Michigan Adult Day Cares: Questions and Considerations for

Engaging with others and participating in stimulating activities helps seniors maintain a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook.  However, many seniors live alone and lack access to other people and activities. 

Livingston County, Michigan adult day care centers provide the solution.  In selecting an adult day care in Livingston County, there are several important questions to ask and things to consider such as:  What types of activities and programs are available – and which ones meet my loved one’s needs?  What types of medical care are available?  How much do the options cost and can I afford them?

medicare adult day servicesActivities and Programs

Adult day care is similar in many ways to traditional senior centers, which served as gathering places for seniors seeking to engage in activities with others their age who shared common interests.  Adult day care can also provide caregivers with needed rest by providing a place where elderly parents can be taken for a couple of hours or the entire day and picked up later.

Examples of adult day care activities include book clubs, arts and crafts, games, and planned outings. Renaissance Community Homes offers a day program with social activities, meals and general elderly supervision.

Levels of Medical Care

Today’s adult day care provides the activities, the interaction, and much more.  Many adult day care programs are located in a fully equipped facility that also enables them to provide a range of medical care, depending upon the participant’s needs.  For example, Town Commons Assisted Living offers social interaction, activities, meals, diabetes management, and administration of medication for 8-10 hours daily.  The center also provides on-site services such as a physician, dentist, chiropractor, and various forms of therapy.

Some adult day care programs offer highly specialized medical care.  For example, Livingston County Catholic Charities Be Our Guest Adult Day Service provides adult day care for individuals with dementia.  The day includes therapeutic recreation such as social activities, individualized care plans, and specialized support plans.  It also includes therapeutic recreation such as music therapy, pet therapy, and laughter therapy.

Affording Adult Day Care

Livingston County, Michigan adult day care centers offer a variety of programs with a range of costs.  Some programs make care flexible and affordable by offering a sliding scale fee, in which those with low incomes are charged less.  This pricing approach is common in programs that are subsidized by either government or grant funds such as adult day care programs associated with a church or non-profit organization.

Depending upon the type of medical care involved in the adult day care, there may be an opportunity to fund a portion of the cost through Medicare, private long-term care insurance, or other government benefits.  Other funding options include private savings, the cash value of a life insurance policy, family contributions, and free local resources.

Interaction with others and engagement with others are vital elements in every senior’s physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.  By asking the right questions, you can find the adult day care program in Livingston County that fits your loved one’s interests, provides the medical care he or she needs, and fits your budget.

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